CR6-SE not properly extruding.

  • I recently put my CR6-SE to print a descent size piece and the filament ended up breaking and getting stuck in the tube, extruder, and nozzle. I removed the extruder cover, the tube, and the nozzle and removed all excess filament inside. I put the parts back together and changed out the nozzle. The printer prints but on the first few layers it clicks when retracting and sometimes has gaps in extrusion throughout the print. Can someone please explain to me what causes this? Hw and what do I need to do to fix the issue? Thanks in advanced.

  • If it is the same as the Smart with a short piece of bowden tube in the throat then it is probably rattling around loose in there, my Smart was 1.5mm too short and only a week old. take the nozzle out and see if it is. cut a new length, make sure the piece of tube is protruding from the throat ~1mm so the nozzle tightens onto the tube , not the metal throat.

    If your bowden goes all the way through the heatsink to the nozzle then loosen nozzle ,push tube down and lock it, then tighten nozzle up. Your symptom do sound like your nozzle is not pushed up hard against the tube. I was getting exactly same with the clunking extruder and missing bits of lines, clogging etc until I put a longer piece in so it was tight on the nozzle. stringing went away and needed much lower retraction too once it was fixed.

    Your retraction should be ~6.5mm @25 or so mm/s . Too long a retraction can also cause partial clogging/unclogging, similar symptoms

  • @jaystoys12 said in CR6-SE not properly extruding.:

    ...and the filament ended up breaking and getting stuck in the tube, extruder, and nozzle....

    I'm interested that you say the filament broke, although you don't say what type you were using.

    With 'fresh' PLA you should be able to bend the filament into a reasonable curve. But if it breaks when you try this, it probably means your filament has become very brittle and will be very difficult to use.

    Under normal conditions, with good/new PLA filament, I would not expect it to break.

  • Hi, @jaystoys12 Filaments accumulated in the tube, and that are not cleaned up completely, please refer to the following video on nozzle and tube cleaning:

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