CR-6 SE can't read storage card

  • I have just received my printer and it can't read the storage card, I tried with 3 different cards included the OEM 8 gb storage card come with the printer, but no one is work.

  • I too have the same issue and it just started today. It was working at the first week when I just received the printer. One of sudden, the SD card reader is not reading any SD card.
    I tried about 4-5 different SD cards and none of them show the files in the print menu but they were working before. I also tried reinsert the SD cards a few time but the on board SD card reader will not read and display any gcode files.

  • OK, I think I resolved the issue I was experiencing. Try the following...

    1. Backup all the bundled in the SD card into your PC.
    2. Format the SD card using FAT32.
    3. Copy only the model files into the root folder: copy *.gcode files in BACKUP\4.Model\ into SDCARD:\

    This time the printer should be able to read the files saved into the SD card.

  • Having the same issue here. First tried the SD card bundled with the printer, then I tried using a different SD card, reformatting the card. The printer behaves the same way as if no card was inserted.

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