Best Slicer Settings For Creality Slicer

  • Hi,

    I just downloaded the creality slicer v4.8.2 and I'm looking for advice on the best settings for my Ender 3 V1. I looked through the forum and couldn't find anything. I haven't updated any firmware and I'm new to 3d printing, so thanks in advance.

  • Hi, @magnum354 Use the default slice setting parameter of standard 0.2mm. Add the corresponding printer model such as Ender-3 V2, then select the adhesion type base or skirt according to the requirements. Add support, the fill is 25%. The fill for solid printing is 100%, and then slice it. The printing speed is 60mm/s by default, the PLA nozzle temperature is 200, and the hot bed temperature is 60℃.

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