• Re: PLA not sticking to bed

    My experience is almost identical. I am waiting on the better springs. I have made no modifications. I have tried all the aformentioned processes. Leveling again and again. I use a new feeler gauge and not paper. Hair spray, glue stick, isopropyl alcohol, vigorous plate bed cleaning, have not solved the "Not-sticking-problem." The hot end seems to not get close enough to the bed. I have yet to find the book, "Ender 3 V2 3D Printer for Dummies."

  • Hi, @JerryHav Please refer to the video on bed leveling: Loosening the hand screw to raise the height of the hot bed or lowering the Z-axis limit switch can reduce the distance between the nozzle and the hot bed.
    2.If the surface layer of carbon crystal silicon glass has been damaged, it is recommended to buy a new one or paste a piece of masking tape .
    3.Raise bed temperature. If the filament stays on the cold plate and cools too fast, it will shrink and can not stick to the plate well. The recommended bed temperature for PLA is 50~70℃, ABS is 90~110℃.
    4.Use brim & raft. Brim or raft can expand the contact surface with build plate. More contact surface would increase bed adhesion.

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