Ender 5 plus no SD Card haven't used printed anything

  • i bought the ender 5 plus about two weeks ago and it was missing the SD Card....i have tried to download the usb drivers and they wont load and i can't use the machine......please help.....how do i download the usb drivers and install them windows 10

  • @charliewhiskey maybe it has to do with the odd choice of forum this post was posted in.

    They always say in times like this to email cs@creality.com with specific info about purchase and problem detail.

  • You should be able to download the contents of the SD card from Creality. Then put is on an SD card. Then you have what you need.

    I just did my first design and print, it is a pretty steep up hill swim, until all the loose ends come together. Stick with it. I would like to have seen someone get back to you by now. call Creality and ask them to send you what you need.

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