Ender 3 Pro - filament skipping

  • Hi - new guy here so Hi everybody.

    Have had my Ender 3 Pro for some three/four years with no problem. I replaced the extruder with a MK8 All Metal Extruder upgrade and new bowden tube last year, but for some reason, the feed cog is intermittently skipping on the filament leading to bad prints - will go for hours with no problem then suddenly starts clicking, and when I remove the filament its rough on one edge. Not sure of the cause, but assume that the feed cog is either worn, damaged or clogged up, though it seems fine - is it worth cleaning the feed cog or would it be better to replace the complete extruder? - The printer does not get a lot of use - in total I would say its only ever fed 4kg of filament. thanks guys.

  • Had my ender 3 now for just over a year. Been in near constant use I get through a kg reel each month. About 6 months ago I had no end of issues after upgrading my extruder with a metal Gwisdom Ender 3 Extruder and capricorn bowden tubing.

    I found that I had got the bed leveling way off and there was insuffiecnt gap between nozle and bed - it would print for about 1 hour before dreaded knocking and subsequent clog. I think it was due to an accumalation of pressure as the print progressed. I have been surprissed at how often when you think you have only changed 1 thing you can go down the wrong diagnostic track if you are not carefull - just a suggestion but double check the leveling, I now print a bed level check pattern and tweek as its printing... here the one i use https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/tool/creality-ender-3-bed-leveling-calibration-file-190mm-x-190mm I have found that I quite frequently (every couple of reels (2kg) of filament have to replace the nozle as I have never had any sucess with using the supplied neadles to clear a clog. Its often worse if Im changing filament brands/colours. and replaceing the bowden tube maybe evry 3-4 months. Once you have done it a couple of times though its prety straight forward....

  • Since you changed the bowden, it sounds like it is not properly seated on the nozzle (or has worked loose over the last year). Make sure the connectors grip it properly, changing to Capricorn often does this as it is thinner and you will need to replace the connectors to grip it properly.
    Make sure when you screw in the nozzle it is tightening the last full turn against the bowden tube, not the throat. Check that the connectors at both the hot-end and the extruder are gripping it properly and there is no movement.

    loose bowden or not very firmly butted up to nozzle bowden can lead to partial clogging which would free itself after a short time. or complete clog requiring stopping the print and re heating the nozzle to pull the fillament out some then back in to free it. Then it will do it again at a similar interval during the next print.

    It is just a guess but does fit with you changing the bowden. I dont think the extruder has anything to do with it if it is succesfully chewing the hell out of the filament when the hot end clogs.

    If this is not the case then please do let us know what solved it for you so we can add it to our list of possible causes. 🙂

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