Ender 3 V2 bed leveling problem

  • Hi guys!
    I've got some problem with my printer.
    I have printed about 10 things before and they were pretty good, but now my printer starts to print as shown on the pictures.
    When I'm done with leveling and start to print the filament won't stay on the bed properly, it looks like the nozzle is too high, then I adjust the Z offset to about -0.1-0.2mm and then it starts to print like shown on the pictures.!![4_1628796730439_IMG_20210812_211714.jpg](Uploading 1%) ![3_1628796730423_IMG_20210812_211715.jpg](Uploading 1%) ![2_1628796730396_IMG_20210812_212350.jpg](Uploading 1%) ![1_1628796730368_IMG_20210812_212402.jpg](Uploading 1%) ![0_1628796730328_IMG_20210812_212412.jpg](Uploading 1%)
    Any suggestions?


  • Hi, @KatonaD9619 I can't see your pictures, they don't show up 🙈
    Regards the Eder 3V2 leveling issue, please refer to the video on bed leveling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JGLRgsLfHE.
    The leveling standard is that the distance between the nozzle and the hot bed is 0.1mm, That is the thickness of a piece of A4 paper.

  • Dear Daniel, @KatonaD9619

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