CR10s Pro V2 Prints always have artefacts

  • I have had the CR10s Pro V2 for about a month and still can't get the settings tuned no matter what I change in Cura there are still these random protruding bits. Each print has different settings, I have mainly tweaked retraction distance, speed and flow and had no look. I am currently using esun pla+
    Below is the last lot of settings I used, I know the speed and distance for the retraction are high but I have worked my way up starting off low.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    cr10s-pro-v2-print-issues.JPG cura-settings1.JPG cura-settings2.JPG

  • I usually set the parameters。4.png 3.png 2.png 1.png

  • Dear @HarrisEnt

    After consulting with our technicians, they recommended that you try the parameters in the figure to set the print


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