Extremely long print times travel speed fraction (25%ish) of what is set in gcode.

  • Ender 3 Pro (1 year old)

    I though the last print I had done took a lot longer than I expected but i left it running overnoight so did not really know if this has just happened... I have made a couple of changes to the Cura settings but nothing that should affect spped to such an extent....

    Cura was projecting print time of just under 8 hours, but the first layer alone took 4hrs, initial layer speed is set to 20mm/sec. I loaded the gcode to an online checker https://gcodeanalyser.com/ and this confirmed the Cura estimate and the initial layer should have been in the order of 1hr 10min.... after abou 7 hrs I am now at layer 2 (0.4mm) I just watched the head lay down the inner walls of an area of the print a square of 43mm and it took about 23sec so by my calculation that is about 7.5mm /sec??? I had actually used the Tune menu to up the speed to see if that had any affect and had manualy pushed this up to 30mm/sec (from the 25mm/s set for outer/inner walls - So it looks like the printer is running almost exactly at 1/4 speed.... how bizare. I tempted to just go to the tune menu and set to 80mm/sec to see if I get somewhere close to 20mm/sec. Otherwise everything else is printing fine so anything affecting the xy axis is also matched to the extruder speed.....

  • @RoyDuggan Just don't play with the knobs when you don't know what they do....... Solved at first I did a power off/on cycle and the problem went away then for some reason I noticed the little F/R symbol and % figure on the bottom left of the LCD I think I must have accidentally twisted the control knob as default action changes this % value never noticed this before but it is feedrate and would fully account for the behaviour...... Never known a power cycle reset not to be worth a go... Except for the time I worked on an icbm which but that's another story}:‑)

  • @RoyDuggan i dont know exactly, but just toss some suggestions. is it possible there's a sub-setting still set to the lower speed? maybe not all settings are showing:

    is it every model you print now? test pieces too? is only the first layer slow?
    do you still have an older gcode you can try?

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