Destroyed two glasses

  • Hi. I have Ender 3. I always orint with ABS. Also use Hair spray for better stick.

    And I already destroyed two glasses, although I am careful with removing the model. The first original glass lasted the longest.

    Can you tell me something, is it possible that the model (around 14x8cm) while cooling on the glass, produces a cracking sound, and the model "pulls", by itself!! a piece of glass with it, and so make a hole in the glass? It seems that when is bigger model produce a much resistence/pressure on glass? And It was without touching it.

    One time peace of glass (tiny glass surface), which is stick on the model, explode while looking and rotating model around, It was close my eyes!

    Why did this happen to me, where I mistake, is that normal or not?

  • @DanyCro
    a thermic shock on glasses can to do cracks or broke it (sometime start with micro-cracks and become fragile after this).. only tempered glasses can deal with more temp difference (inside limits like those for ovens).. if you take care of details in your process, you should to find something wrong (or hazardous)..

    what do your nozzle at 140c and bed at 110c?
    sorry, it’s the first time for me to see those low nozzle and high bed temp.. what kind of filament you use??

  • @Helium3

    Yes. Always is Noozle 140 and Bed 110 C.

    But problem is with cooling. Maybe hair spray is too hard.

  • @DanyCro
    a high thermic differential/delta (difference) can do that with glasses and ceramics.. your bed glass is always pre-heated before your prints?

  • hi, @DanyCro

    1. Recommended temperature of ABS: nozzle 250±5; Hot bed to 100 + 5;
    2. ABS printing is prone to warping. It is recommended that you do not use strong adhesive glue. You can use solid glue or double-sided glue in advance to stick, and keep a constant temperature when printing;
    3. Besides, you can observe whether the nozzle hits the hot bed at the beginning of printing.

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