Ender 6 belongs in the bin

  • This printer is garbage. I have replaced the board, and I am about to try a BL Touch. I have had this printer since March and I have never gotten a straight week of work out of it. The run stop switch has never worked. I can level the bed, then start a print, and it the bed is nowhere near where it should be. I wish I never bought this thing.

  • Hi, @mmick If you want to try a Bl-Touch, you can refer to this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxwJHA18o_g

  • @mmick You definitely want to add the BL-Touch, it makes a world of difference on leveling the bed. (I was also frustrated with the manual leveling, and spent many hours leveling and releveling the bed until I got the BL-Touch).

    Also the Ender 6 is designed to support the BL-Touch so installation is easy, the only part that takes some work is getting the wiring correct when wiring it up. Creality has a good video that shows the wiring configuration that I recommend (I had previously tried 2 different online videos that it turned out had 2 of the wires backwards, which definitely caused problems.)

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