When printing begining, filaments are not extruded.

  • For someone new to 3d printer, This is a common problem. Now, I would talk about the causes of this issue and provide some solutions.👇

    1. The loading filaments were not filled in place
      Solution: Stop printing, and then feed filament manually.

    2.When printing started, there is no filament in the nozzle
    Solution: ① Increase the nozzle temperature to 200℃, press the extrusion clamp with one hand after heating, and then send the filament into the guide pipe with the other hand until the nozzle can discharge material normally.
    ②Setting the skirt when slicing.Before setting skirt ,You need to ensure that filament have already filled with the nozzle.

    3.The nozzle is too close to the platform, which makes the platform block the nozzle when printing, resulting in the filaments can not be extruded from the nozzle smoothly.
    Solution: re-leveling the printing platform.

    4.Nozzle clogging
    Solution: Clean the nozzle and throat tube.

    Firends, If you have more solutions,please share it together.

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