Fan noise

  • After a minor shipping debacle where UPS shipped my printer to a local Amazon Fulfillment Center and marked it “delivered,” I finally got my CR-6 SE this week and I’m very happy with it so far!

    The motors are almost silent on it, but the cooling fan at the nozzle is still pretty noisy. Can anybody recommend a good brushless fan to replace the original one that would work to cut down the noise?

  • I am having the same fact, it's so loud that I originally thought the fan on/off button in the menu was broken and not turning the fan off...The fan that cools the print does go on and off but you can't hear a difference anymore...just a very loud fan.

  • Dear @Starkiller
    I think our engineer ask for video is just to exclude the problem, the aim is always to solve the problems. Please understand. Thank you.

  • My printer did 3 prints with very little noise, NOW the fan has gotten loud enough to hear across the room.
    Creality asked for videos from everyone, some I understand, but for very common failures, they are wasting time to have someone view all the videos getting sent in to their support system, they are actually compounding their problems by doing it this way.
    For something like the very common switch failure, just send one, cheaper than support going over emails. Creality has to know that is a common failure,
    Quit the delay tactics resolve the problems and you will have happy customers who buy more from you.
    Common sense would help them alot.

  • @Cybertuna
    It is normal for the fan to have a little sound. If the fan is too loud, please provide a video.
    If you need to buy a brushless fan, the fan voltage needs to be 24V, and the port can be plugged into the motherboard. Our company does not sell it temporarily.

  • @Cybertuna said in Fan noise:

    My Cooling fan started making a similar noise after 25 hours of printing, not sure what is going on.

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