Change the Aux Leveling increments?

  • Trying to get printer to play well, but i need to have beetter controll over the aux leveling.
    incroments are only 0.5
    on my ender 3v2 i can have any incroment. ( mine is set to -2.83)
    any way i can alter this on my cr10 smart?
    as currently its doing my head in

  • I replaced mine twice, keeping the good parts until I got all working, but then the firmware does not work, you cant even use 'home' or it tries to home off the bed. No way of changing anything. Also noticed if you pressed just about anything other than auto level and aux level the head just crashes into the bed.

    Bent rails and bed wobbling about. Totally unadjustable (exactly as you describe, and same with 2 replacements but got straight rails with last one and could adjust it fine after rebuilding the bed.) Bent pin on the cables sockets on X gantry, rollers so tight V slots deformed and rollers oval, all of them, all axis. Z-steppers not even close to aligned. etc ect

    Once the hardware was all fine then the electronics had to go. Mainly firmware don't work but to fix that.....

    (I am talking about the firmware that is 'latest' as of this posting, CR-10 Smart_HW-CRC2405V1.2_SW-V1.07T19, and previous)

    Wifi/LAN etc only works if you wanna use a mobile phone, LOL. and you cant configure the network settings. totally useless, could not even connect it to my network as you cannot configure the network settings. Replaced with alternative.

    Replaced the board with a SKR CR6 board, all same connectors etc, fits straight in, even same mounting holes. So I now I could put a working firmware on it.

    Replaced the display with a 12864 CR-10 Stock. The stock Smart display is exactly same as the stock Smart firmware, featureless, cant change anything and mostly does not work. Fine if your only leveling, or want to watch a hot nozzle ramming into your build plate. No use if your actually wanting to print. Far from 'smart'

    Built and installed latest Marlin firmware, you can also get the CR6 Community firmware for it, ready built and works well as long you bin the stock display and change the board.

    That's when it was safe to put filament in it and try a print. 4 weeks after receiving the first unit. I was ready to just refund it so many times. Did get a fairly hefty rebate from supplier seeing as 3 units all with bad hardware then to find it just does not work anyway. How are they selling this? Aahh yes, cheap.

    I am now glad I stuck it out and made it work.

    Prints really nice, auto leveling is a dream. I'm using UBL but Bilinear works well too. Unlike my other printers this one does level once then forever after you just print. Works every time, without any messing about. No need for babystepping every time HURRAH. The strain gauge nozzle sensor is really accurate and totally repeatable. I think I can get it to fit my Ender 3 V2 , maybe using the CR-6FE hotend? compared the BLTouch sux.

  • @Gracy ah. No. I sent it to info@ lol

  • Hi, @DpDx Did you send an email to the correct mailbox? That is
    You can also fill your issues and attach pictures or videos in this link: There will be professionals to help you.

  • this bed is wobbly, cant tighten ip up as the rails are bowed by over 1mm which means it grips at 1 end has wobble in the middle and grips in the other end.
    add to this item arrived broken, and 5 days later still no reply to my email.
    cant adjust bed.
    cant fix z aux tuning.
    cant get it to print consistantly.
    bed auto leveling does not work properly
    honestly worst printer ive had thus far.
    TOTAL let down.
    if things dont change asap, ill be requesting a full refund and buying a viper

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