Ender 5 Pro keeps pushing bowden tube out of extruder

  • I just took delivery of a new Ender 5 Pro, assembled it ok, and I am trying to do my first print, the cat model on the TF card. As soon as the print start the blue bowden tube starts pushing out of the extruder. It doesn't seem to have any real clamping force at the extruder end of the tube, I put the little blue clip in that came with the kit but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the tube being clamped in. It's almost as if something is the wrong size, or the filament is being fed with way too much force.

    Any ideas where to start looking?

  • I also had this issue on a Ender 5 Plus. The Problem was I interchanged the connectors for Extruder/Y-Axis Motor.

  • Looks like a batch problem with the PC4-M6 pneumatic connectors that were shipped with the printer.
    There was a spare in the box, and neither would grip the Capricorn Bowden tube at all, no matter what I tried.

    I got a couple of after market PC4-M6 connectors from a local eBay seller, and they are working fine, and I am happily doing my first print.

    The label on the faulty connectors says J&Y with a 4 opposite that which I presume means 4mm. They are brass with a light grey plastic top/lock ring.

  • hi, @koss it's possible that the pneumatic joint is broken. You can send an email to cs@creality.com, and attach the video of fault parts. The after-sales staff will replace you with a new one.

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