a new quality controll officer is needed in your warehouse!

  • Got my CR-10 Smart printer.
    Arrived damaged.
    pins holding the screen on 1 was broken off.
    spool holder broken in 2 places.
    after building and setting auto bed level, set aux leveling and re leveled bed.
    gantry off tilt, reset it.( 3mm out) so set aux leveling and re leveled bed.(again)
    1st test print, SCORED the glass bed badly, its like the machine IGNORED the ABL.
    noticed bed was extra wobbly, escentric nuts wont tighten up as the under rail is WARPED by over 1mm.
    it will grip on far ends but not in the middle.
    cant adjust bed as there are no knobs, so had to resort to shimming with tin foil. ( bed was over 1mm out from left to right so shims failed. ( bed warped)
    updated filmware on machine and screen, still cant adjust aux leveling in any reasonable way or anything less than 0.5mm ( yet my other ender can do 0.01 incroments. )
    releveled bed, again, and tested aux leveling. ( mesh wont save to Sdcard )
    cant use octoprint,
    cant use webbased browser to change settings even with wifi or ethernet.
    can only remote print via an app that is annoying and limited settings ( c-cloud)
    after 11 consecutive prints of bed leveling test ( same one) with diffrent results every time with only a 0.5mm diffrence in aux leveling..
    i give up
    it wont level period and the broken, unfunction parts are beyond a joke,
    wish i naver had got it.

    i would suggest that your quality controll officer in the warehouse is FIRED!. as this has happened over and over again with the cr10 smart printers. i have seen posts all over FB groups saying items arrived broken, sensors not working, plates smashed, frame bent ect.
    Are these items not checked before shipping?

    Anyone else having similar problems?

    how on earth will this get fixed if creality wont respond to emails.!
    how on earth do i return it if its beyond duff.
    im at a loss here.

  • Hi, @DpDx Did you send a email to the correct mailbox?You can feedback your issues to the customer service center, please send an E-mail to cs@creality.com attached SN code, fault condition, order screenshot and purchase link.
    Please confirm the email again: cs@creality.com

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