So what does it take to make something water tight?

  • Hi All!

    So I've got a general question on making something "water tight" that maybe someone has some insights into. I've made a bunch of coasters of various designs with an infill of 20%, and found that condensation from cold glasses will slowly leech through the coaster(s). The easy solution is to put a clearcoat on the coaster(s), which I've done, but that brought up the question of what is needed to make a build water tight? Does it require 100% infill? Additional outer layers? etc.

    I was surprised to find that moisture can slowly (very slowly) go through a surface that should be solid, so thought I'd throw the question out there.


  • @Gracy Thanks for the input, and yup I was using PLA. Putting a clearcoat on the PLA also worked, but I'll have to give some ABS a try sometime. 👍

  • Hi, @Dogberticus This may be related to the material, PLA is mainly polylactic acid, which is made of corn and cassava as raw materials. so PLA is not waterproof. If waterproof features are required, you can use ABS to print model.

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