Perioadic layer errors

  • On the photo (pic 1-2), you can see the periodic error. Settings Creality Ender 3 v2, Filament: ABS Verbatim, Nozzel heat 254, bed temperature 97. We have 2 identical printers with the same settings and the other is printing the same model perfectly. The z-axis seems to run smoothly, so do the other ones. We readjusted the belts, replaced the nozzle. The only difference is the small "shedding" in the feeding system (pic 3). We tried to loosen the spring to the same adjustment as the other one. Any ideas?

  • @DavidSz It's my pleasure, nice to hear that you have solved that issue.😊

  • @Gracy Thanks, I checked manually the z-axis and at some hights, the axis does not rotate (the grip of the screw is lost and a slipping occurred). The top screw was a bit loose and the motor holding screws as well and these two caused the problem. Thanks for the advice. (It was interesting that this slipping in the grip occurred only at some periodic hights 🙂 .

  • Hi, @DavidSz please manually lift the Z axis and check whether there is jamming during the lifting of the Z axis;
    If there is jamming, please check whether the Z-axis screw rod is damaged or dirty, and whether the Z-axis motor rotates smoothly;

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