CR-6 SE nozzle assembly completely clogged - no response from multiple email support resquests

  • This is my third attempt to get my issue resolved - first email was sent to on August 25 after a brief online chat through the Creality website. Second email was sent to both and on September 2nd. Still haven't heard back yet.

    The problem is that after a couple of failed prints, the nozzle assembly became clogged in less than 24 hours of my having received the printer. I swapped out the nozzle with a replacement (it was really clogged) but that didn't help. After asking for help on other forums, I attempted to clear out the nozzle assembly by heating the nozzle up to between 185 and 220 degrees and getting a piece of PLA to adhere so I could let it cool down and pull out the blockage. That didn't work, and trying to use the included nozzle cleaning tool cleared out a small amount of plastic but ultimately ended up with the tool breaking.

    At this point, I would like to get a replacement nozzle assembly kit, as the portion that the PLA feeds into and the nozzle screws into is clearly not able to be cleared out. I'm incredibly frustrated by the lack of good customer support response by email, the lack of comprehensive, well-written documentation and troubleshooting resources, and the high number of issues I've had with this printer. Stringing, bad default bed heat settings, inferior quality PLA, difficulty getting the PLA to feed in correctly, a Bowden tube that was incredibly difficult to remove from the nozzle assembly, and this unfixable blockage have all occurred in the space of less than two days of being able to attempt to use the printer.

  • @silvalen

    Hi Sir, it is glad to hear your issues are solved, I think this makes you be more professional in 3d printing.

    For the email reply, we are trying the best to answer all the emails. And we are training more people to do the customer serves, we will do better in a short time. Thanks for your trust again.

  • Replying to my own post here - if you want to skip the long version, I was successful in fixing this with zero response from Creality.

    Since posting this, I have been able to successfully clear the blockage. I found this video and it was somewhat helpful - I heated the nozzle to 230 degrees as recommended, ten degrees higher than I had attempted on my own. Even then, I couldn't initially shift the blockage with the Bowden tube as shown in the video. I ended up using one of the smaller Allen wrenches included in the toolbox and using it as a ramrod. This was enough to cause the plug to finally dislodge - I managed to get two pretty big globs of chunky PLA to come out. After that, I used the Bowden tube to clear any lingering blockage.

    After clearing the blockage and reassembling the printer, I was able to successfully print! I'm using some HATCHBOX PLA I purchased after many recommendations to not use the PLA supplied by Creality.

    All told, it's been almost two weeks since I first reached out to Creality through chat, email, and Kickstarter comments. It's also been six days now since my follow up email, and this post took a couple of days to get approved. Between all of those attempts to get some feedback or assistance from Creality, I have heard nothing from them while they still tout their "24 hour" email response time. I'm beyond disappointed with their ability to meet their customers' needs in the timeframe they promise.

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