Ender 3 V2 Extruder Motor Won't Turn When Starting Print After Leveling Bed.

  • I have had the Ender 3 for 7 months now. But I've only been having this problem 3 days ago. Whenever I turn on the printer, level the bed with the BLTouch, and start a print (with the nozzle at the correct temperature), the extruder motor won't turn.

    To try to troubleshoot, I restart the printer but this time I don't auto-level the bed, and just set the nozzle up to the proper temperature. Then I specifically tell the printer to move the extruder. The extruder motor turns fine.

    So I re-level the bed, and start a print, but again the extruder motor won't turn and nothing gets extruded. So I reboot the printer, but I start the print IMMEDIATELY while the bed and nozzle are still hot. This time the extruder moves.

    When I stop the print, and auto-level the bed, the extruder won't move again. So basically if I leave the extruder motor idle for too long it won't move when I try to extrude something. I have no idea why this is happening only now. Like I said, I've had the printer for 7 months, but this issue only started occuring during the last 3 days. Can anyone help?

  • hi, @SgtHK you can exchange the motor line of the X-axis and the extruding motor, drive the X-axis motor, and observe whether the extruding motor rotates. If no rotation, please send an email attaching the video to cs@creality.com

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