New Ender 6 won't level

  • I just put together a new ender 6 and it has multiple issues. I think the 1st issue that needs resolved is the auto level. It tries to autolevel or set home, it goes through the steps, but then freezes with a red line on the left side of the box going forward. I have unplugged and replugged in my wires to make sure they are correct. I unplugged my stepper motor on the right hand side and still get the same problem. 90% of the time there is a loud noise I think coming from I think that motor. Any suggestions?

  • Thanks, I did that, but was able to solve it with another person checking my wiring. There was one wire that was not plugged in correctly. Thanks, it is resolved, but now have another issue and will work on that.

  • @Tarna30 ,please describe the problem specifically, and you can send the picture or video of the issues to There are professional technicians to help you solve the problem.

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