why is the print incomplete?

  • Hello, Friends! When the printout is incomplete, how do you eliminate the causes and solve the problems? Here are some tips:

    1.Check whether there is a problem with the model support and add it again.
    If the first layer of the model is not well supported, it will cause the model around the location to be incomplete or warped. Generally, the setting of the top support is particularly important. The setting of the radius is mainly determined by the size of the model. We can set it to 0.3mm for smaller models or some details, and we can set it to 0.7mm for larger models.

    2.Check whether there is any debris or dust between the slot and the printing screen.
    Those little subjects will cause uv transmission blocked, affecting the model part of the print quality. So it is recommended to filter out the impurities in resin before printing.

    3.Avoid setting the scale of model too small while slicing.
    When the model is too small or the wall thickness is too thin(less than 0.5mm), it will also be difficult to print completely.

  • hi, @Helium3 these tips are for resin series.

  • @Yolanda
    in my case, the only thing that may incomplete my prints is when the filament stall in the direct drive which i know now that i need to adjust the tension knob stiffer.. nothing in the manual tell what is the use of this knob, but yes, that may a headache when each time you change your filament you put your thumb on it which drift/turn with the time.. to solve it, i have put a mark on it.. nothing other bad thing happen to me..
    your question is about filaments or resin prints?