Part Cooling Fan Non-functional

  • Hello,

    I've had my printer for about a week and, fingers crossed, I've not experienced any of the most prevalent issues with these printers. Unfortunately, I am experiencing an issue with my part Cooling fan. I just happened to notice, while in inspecting an ongoing print, that it was not blowing. I thought maybe the settings were wrong in the slicer so I double checked my gcode to make sure the cooling was enabled and tried the print again. Still not blowing. I then removed the metal heat shield that covers the hot end and fans and found that if I turned the part cooling fan different ways, it would sporadically turn on and off. I also confirmed that the fan plug was firmly connected to the socket, next to the hot end. These symptoms clearly indicate that there is some kind of issue with the wiring or internal connections of the fan. Please contact me ASAP so that I can provide my address for a new fan to be sent.

    Thank you!

  • @JOberg Hey I am having the same issue Creality emailed me back This morning in the Email it was Cc to I would email your problem with your printer serial number and Backer number.

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