CR-10 Smart terminal access to adjust esteps ect.

  • Is there any way to do it?
    Can't find a way so far

  • @DpDx
    you should have a setting area in your console for to do it.. in my cr10, i have done that at the beginning and i was 7% off with the 10mm test (93mm on 100mm expected)..
    i am almost sure that YouTube have a tutorial on it for your model, have you done a search there?

  • You need to open the printer and unplug the Creality Wifi board. Once unplugged, you will see a MicroUSB connector on a small distributor board sitting between the main board and wifi board. You can connect your computer to that MicroUSB connector and send commands to the firmware like you would any other printer.

  • I really want this exact same thing. This would be immensely helpful with troubleshooting and fine-tuning the printer. Like @DpDx said, if we decide to change extruders for instance, we need the ability to modify the esteps on the printer. Please add a GCode terminal screen in the firmware like what I have on my Ender 3 Pro running the latest Marlin.

  • adjsuting e-steps IE how much filament is being pushed through the nossel.
    on my ender 3v2 i can send a code M92 in gcode to find out what my esteps are and m92 E100 to set it to 100, followed by M500 to save the setting to EProm. i cant find any form of terminal access via octoprint ( not supported) or wifi or lan connection. or even on the creality cloud.

  • Hi,@DpDx I'm not clear what you describe 🤔 Maybe you can fill your issues and attach pictures or videos in this link: There will be professionals to help you.

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