Help with new control board

  • I was forced to replace the control board on my Ender 5 pro. I got the current model from Creality which appears to go in all of the Ender models. My issue is that I think the control board is set to an Ender 3 because when I use auto home the hot end moves the completely wrong direction and the print bed lowers as opposed to rising as it should.
    I'm just a hobby person with no software or hardware skills so all this talk of flashing firmware and whatnot is giving me a headache. I need someone to give it to me in Captain Dummy talk. Why can I not flash the firmware using the USB port on the unit itself? I see lots of stuff about having a while other circuit board and using wires to plug it into the unit's controll board and I don't understand any of it.
    If someone has the patience to tell me what this is all about I would appreciate it.

  • @Gracy as it turns out the firmware in the board is set as Ender 3 by default. I was able to directly install Ender 5 firmware using an SD card and it seems to have corrected the issue. Thus was of course after I had purchased an elegoo board and connecting wires to install a bootloader with because nowhere was it mentioned that the 32 bit boards already have a bootloader on them. At any rate I have it convinced that it is indeed an Ender 5 so I should be all set now.

  • Hi, @CaptnHammer According to your description, You have replaced the control board, so first to check whether the wiring is correct. The incorrect wiring would cause hot end move opposite direction.
    2. reflash the screen firmware and motherboard firmware of Ender-5 again;
    3.Generally, motherboard 4.2.2 uses SD card to reflash firmware, Which is an upgrade and is more convenient.
    4.There is no USB cable to flash firmware. That is an ISP cable and needs to be purchased by yourself.

  • I have searched. A lot actually but all I can seem to find are videos of the Ender 3 and they are all from 2 or 3 years ago. Not to say that what they are doing isn't still the way to do it, but they approach the subject from a technical level above boob so I really don't understand why it can not be done through the included USB port. I'm a very plug and play person when it comes to electronics so I'm really looking for a more novice education.

  • @CaptnHammer
    i have seen some update tutorials on YouTube, in case that i need to do that one day.. and there have a creality channel.. have you do a search for your model on YouTube?
    if ever no one here can help you, a search may help..

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