CR-6 SE ABS not sticking to base

  • HI, have just opened up my brand new CR-6 SE, did the self leveling and have tried a number of time to print an item in ABS but the part keeps breaking away by layer 3-4. I have tried adjusting:
    Z offset
    raised and lowered the bed temp
    fan on an off

    I have washed the glass in warm soapy water, and have clean the base with isopropyl and nothing has worked!

    Did i receive a faulty carborundum glass hotbed?

  • Im also having the same issue since I purchased it,ive tried PLA in Creality,CCTREE,FILLAMENTUM & NOTHING WORKS.

    The Creality Support team is also very useless.They can't give straight forward support and they always seem to move away from the technical advise.

    I will never invest in another creality product.

  • Hi, you can read a lot about ABS warping problems in the good articles at Simplify 3D webpage. I have printed ABS for 3 years now, and have solved the problems. But it took time, promise you that.

    My way of printing ABS:

    1. ABS juice on the glass, painted 2 levels. (You can find lots of info how to make your own ABS juice. If you have other ideas that work, please let me know, I would like to get rid of the acetone work if possible)
    2. Print slow, reduce to 50% normal speed, and increase 10 % each time you print, so you get your own experience.
    3. Use a raft.
    4. Temp 230 or more, 100 on the glass, no fan.....
    5. Print more than one model. Duplicate the model, so it get time to cool down between them...
    6. Door and top or any enclosure helps, but I see that it is possible to get good prints without enclosure, if you follow the steps above...

    Good luck

  • @ticketec Dear, you can try to re-level and re-slice the model.
    Increase the temperature by 5-10 degrees and continue the test printing (Increase the temperature once after half an hour, until it reaches 230)
    Then determine whether the filament are original. If not, please replace the original filament for testing.

  • I have the exact same issue with a new CR-6 SE bought in Sept 2020. PLA works perfectly, ABS fails every time with a variety of settings changed / cleaning solutions etc.

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