Z axis Movement

  • yesterday I did a print and at the end I noticed that in height it was about half of what it should have been.
    With the SD card (original card of an ender 3 and not of the ender 5) I made a move of the z axis to +305 mm but this stopped in the middle, it didn't reach the bottom.
    I disabled the steppers and lowered the platter manually and did the homing procedure again and it was not successful.
    I made a couple of attempts and removing the SD card everything works fine as if putting the SD card of the ender 5 inside.
    What may have happened? The reduction ratio appears to have been halved
    Thank you

  • hi, @andrea-fanti Ender 3 and Ender 5 have the different configuration, which makes the SD cardof ender3 incompatible with ender 5. If you have installed the bl-touch or filament detection and other parts, then try to update the firmware according to the corresponding firmware. . If you can't solve the problem by rebrushing the firmware, please attach the video of machine failure and send it to cs@creality.com

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