Z-Axis Dive Bombing Bed

  • I have run into this issue before with my CR-10S Pro and in the past I've been able to fix it with running the Tiny Machines Reset gcode. This time around I am stumped. I start the printer, go to Move then see that the Z-axis is at 0 when it is 10mm higher. I've disabled the motors and set the nozzle using the shim. Re-engaged the motors and it still will dive bomb the bed and grind until I power off the printer.

    I am using an Inductive sensor and it has been working well for me. I have printed several large prints and this just started happening again after a print completed. I am stumped.

  • Thank you for your response. I discovered what happened by swapping out the bed sensor with an old one. Appears when my printer was running at the top of a print, my inductive sensor cable got bound up on the bed and actually damaged the sensor itself. Thank you again for offering to help.

  • hI, @PLApuncher You can check up whether the sensor is innormal operation. If you are not sure, you can send an email to cs@creality.com and attach the video about the problem.

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