The issue that 3d prints do not hang on the build plate

  • For those new to resin printer, the issue that the 3d prints do not hang on the build plate is distressing. When this happens, the following methods may be helpful.

    1. On the basis of the original exposure number, it can be increased by 2s, and the maximum can be increased to about 100 (first layer exposure). The first layer exposure layer can be increased by 1 unit, and the maximum can be 10 layers. This allows the first layer of the model to stick more firmly to the printing platform.

    2. Try to level again, here’s the video for reference.

    3. slice the file again, and add the support to increase the contact with the printing platform. It’s possible that the support of the printed model is not enough, so we need to add new ones. The model itself is large, and the contact surface with the platform is small, so when the weight of the model increases during printing, the surface attached to the platform is not enough to hold the whole model, so it will fall down.

    If you have any ideas, you can share with us!

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