Cr6 SE Calibration Problem

  • Hi eveyone,
    On my CR6-SE, i have made all necessary calibrations via printing 20mm xyz cubes.
    After the calibration, when i print the same 20mm xyz cube, the print comes with accurate dimentions which is 20x20x20.
    But when i try to print something bigger like 150 x 30 x 20 mm the print's dimentions comes so much different than what i have designed.
    What should be the problem? Any idea to fix it?


  • @samethalic

    Shrinkage of the plastic. Read the info for the filament and scale up the model according to that.

    If the filament have an shrinkage of 1.5% than adjust size in Cura to 101.5%

    Different material has different shrinkage. The manufacturer of the filament often provides with this numbers. Otherwise you will try to print a test piece or try numbers from a similar filament.

  • hi,@samethalic how much the size difference is, and slight size difference is allowed. Can you upload a detailed picture or video of this issue?

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