📣📣CR-10 smart latest firmware has been unveiled

  • SIGH CR-10 SmartMarlin2.0.6SWV1.0.9HWCRC2405V1.20904.7z doesn't work either. Tried 2 different test models and absolutely NOTHING gets extruded. There's no clog or anything. If I manually tell it to extrude via the Ready menu it works just fine. But during a print nothing comes out. C'mon Creality...get it together and actually TEST SOMETHING before you release it. Completely stock CR-10 Smart here...no excuses.

  • @admin CR-10 SmartCR-FDM-v2.5.S1_100_20210821.zip doesn't work. Screen flashed OK but the printer firmware won't do anything. Tried several times. I held the power button for over 2 minutes but all I ever saw on the screen was the initial 7 specks of light. Formatted both SD cards again but it didn't help.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Another bug report:

    The screen - especially on 1.0.7 with screen T19
    - I have to select everything twice. For instance, to print something I have to tap the file name twice and then the Play icon twice.
    - Also, would it be possible to rearrange the items on the screen on the next release so that you can see more of the filename? You only get to see the first few characters which can make it difficult to pick the right file. I know I'm not the only one who likes to name their files to include details so you know which is which.
    - Example:

  • @Korlbrien I used the regular flashing procedure. You I could power cycle again after each firmware flashing so you know you got a good, clean, normal boot. That fixed an issue I had where I couldn't select the Settings icon at all.

    • firmware.bin on the SD
    • push and hold power button til it's done flashing and boots up.
    • put the DWIN folder on a micro SD and flash the screen with it.

    NOTE: After flashing new firmware, if you see icons with little or no text, go to the settings screen and reselect your language. That fixed the text for me.

  • @admin It appears I spoke too soon. BIG problem now. I've tried 3 times now to print a small drawer and each time it stops extruding after 10-15 mm. Total height of the drawer is 58 mm. The printer keeps going through the motions, but no filament comes out. There is no clog or anything...it just stops. Talk about a waste of filament. I'm going reflash 1.0.7 just so I can finally get this project done.

    Say...what's the compensation from Creality for being a firmware beta tester? I need to get on the payroll LOL

    P.S. And yes, I did try re-slicing the model.

  • @goombah88 How did you get the firmware to work? Mine is not taking.

    Does the Auto Bed level work yet?

  • @admin I just updated using this latest firmware and it resolved the issue with reading what's on the SD card. On a side note though, in the file list it also shows .Trash-000, so if you could please ask them to either hide all hidden files (. files) or at least ignore the Trash folder. Thanks for the quick turnaround on this!

  • Has anyone gotten 1.0.8 to work? It load successfully, but the interface seems very incomplete. You can barely even navigate it. And, I do not even see an option for auto leveling...

    After about two weeks of everything working well, I have leakage spill through the nozzle causing damage to the hot end. Since replacing it, I can not get the CR-10 smart to come even close to laying down a first layer. Arguably it is barely doing anything. Much guess/hope is that the nozzle is just too close to the bed. After reading all the issues about auto leveling not actually working, I was hoping this may solve the problem.

    I am at a bit of a loss still and really don't know what the issue is.

  • The firmware updates again, please check:


  • I'm having this same problem. 1.0.7 works fine, but no combination of 2.0.6BETA box and screen flashing works. The only time I got it to ready anything at all from the card after flashing 2.0.6BETA was when I renamed my file to holder.gcode. I suspected the firmware was compiled with an option that limited the filename length to 8 characters or something.

  • I installed the August 21 beta firmware on my CR-10 Smart. The autoleveling feature no longer works.

    That is, when I hit "start" on the autolevel, it homes in on the center of the plate and remains there. Additionally, the grid of 16 numbers has disappeared with this firmware.

    I have reverted to the Jun 28 firmware for now.

    Please let me know if you need additional details

  • Curious if anyone else is having issues get the ABL to work after flashing to this latest firmware? When I go into the Level menu, it will not let me click on the AUTO, only the AUX leveling appears and no screen change when I try to select the Auto bed leveling.

  • @admin yes i fully tested all 3 sd cards on both my ender 3v2 and the cr10 smart. i even went as far as flashing the cr10 back to its origional bios and it recoginised the cards and files.
    i then reflashed the mainboard and screen sucessfully again back to the beta files for the cr10 smart but it sill wont read the sd cards yet my ender 3v2 will.
    i have had to go back to the previous filmware untill your guys produce a fix.

  • Hi @DpDx
    Please try the following to check:

    1. try other SD cards to see if they can be recognized.
    2. check if the card slot is loose or blocked.
    3. Insert the card and restart the machine.

  • latest filmware wont allow files to be read from sd card or usb. ive reinstalled it 3x

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