📣📣CR-10 smart latest firmware has been unveiled

  • @goombah88 How did you get the firmware to work? Mine is not taking.

    Does the Auto Bed level work yet?

  • @admin I just updated using this latest firmware and it resolved the issue with reading what's on the SD card. On a side note though, in the file list it also shows .Trash-000, so if you could please ask them to either hide all hidden files (. files) or at least ignore the Trash folder. Thanks for the quick turnaround on this!

  • Has anyone gotten 1.0.8 to work? It load successfully, but the interface seems very incomplete. You can barely even navigate it. And, I do not even see an option for auto leveling...

    After about two weeks of everything working well, I have leakage spill through the nozzle causing damage to the hot end. Since replacing it, I can not get the CR-10 smart to come even close to laying down a first layer. Arguably it is barely doing anything. Much guess/hope is that the nozzle is just too close to the bed. After reading all the issues about auto leveling not actually working, I was hoping this may solve the problem.

    I am at a bit of a loss still and really don't know what the issue is.

  • The firmware updates again, please check:


  • I'm having this same problem. 1.0.7 works fine, but no combination of 2.0.6BETA box and screen flashing works. The only time I got it to ready anything at all from the card after flashing 2.0.6BETA was when I renamed my file to holder.gcode. I suspected the firmware was compiled with an option that limited the filename length to 8 characters or something.

  • I installed the August 21 beta firmware on my CR-10 Smart. The autoleveling feature no longer works.

    That is, when I hit "start" on the autolevel, it homes in on the center of the plate and remains there. Additionally, the grid of 16 numbers has disappeared with this firmware.

    I have reverted to the Jun 28 firmware for now.

    Please let me know if you need additional details

  • Curious if anyone else is having issues get the ABL to work after flashing to this latest firmware? When I go into the Level menu, it will not let me click on the AUTO, only the AUX leveling appears and no screen change when I try to select the Auto bed leveling.

  • @admin yes i fully tested all 3 sd cards on both my ender 3v2 and the cr10 smart. i even went as far as flashing the cr10 back to its origional bios and it recoginised the cards and files.
    i then reflashed the mainboard and screen sucessfully again back to the beta files for the cr10 smart but it sill wont read the sd cards yet my ender 3v2 will.
    i have had to go back to the previous filmware untill your guys produce a fix.

  • Hi @DpDx
    Please try the following to check:

    1. try other SD cards to see if they can be recognized.
    2. check if the card slot is loose or blocked.
    3. Insert the card and restart the machine.

  • latest filmware wont allow files to be read from sd card or usb. ive reinstalled it 3x

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