Is auto-leveling persistent?

  • Got my printer a few days ago, everything worked flawlessly. Compare to my experience from my first 3d printer many years ago, this is like plug and play works out-of-the-box like an inkjet printer.

    I have heard people saying on facebook here and there that you need to do auto-leveling every time you power on the printer. Some said newer version firmware persistent the information on sd-card. Can I get an official answer on this?

    I have v1.0.2 firmware already installed.

  • @bucweat I haven't had time to test it but I believe if you're using something like OctoPrint to feed G-code that G28 in the Start code disables bed leveling and has to be re enabled with M420 S1. I also follow it with a G29 O(that's Oh not zero!) to verify it was able to retrieve the bed mesh and if not run bed leveling again.

    I asked this question on the CR-6 SE Facebook page but didn't really get a satisfying answer.

    Also as far as I know you need to have an SD card in for the bed mesh to save to EEPROM even if you're using OctoPrint to supply G-code.

  • Question. Do you need to restore ABL mesh each time you print after doing initial leveling using gcode

    M420 S1 ; restore ABL mesh

    That is not in the default startup gcode for the CR-6 SE printer profile that is included in the Creality slicer software.

  • Someone on FB answered my question. I will post it here for the record. The leveling data seems to be saving to EEPROM.DAT but the printer always starts with Jan 1st 2000 date, so when I list the file in modified time order, I never noticed it got changed.

  • @boringuy

    Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to level each time, if the pulley is loose, it needs to be adjusted.

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