Continuous clogs

  • My CR6 keeps clogging, I have been unable to finish any pla print in weeks.

    The issue seems to be associated to parts that need a fair amount of retraction. I have also installed a Capricorn tube, with no benefit.

    I have also tried increasing the hotend temperature. Any suggestion?

  • A different filament, not newer neither better kept, allowed the print to be finished.

    However there wasn't a real clog. I just changed the filament and try to extrude the filament and there were no issues.

    I believe that the filament, a geeetech silk pla, got a little brittle and the oscillations of the spool in retraction intensive parts increase the probability that the extruder ruin the filament, stopping the extrusion.

    I will be doing some test, printing a new holder.

  • @Gracy I have tried all the steps, not just once.

    The weirdest thing that happens is the fact that I hear I little bang from the extruder, like a big missed step. Not sure if this is just the consequence or something in the extruder weakened overtime.

    I have also tried replacing the original lock in the hotend with the one that comes with the capricorn tube, it went a little over, but I wasn't able to finish the model.

    I will try with a different filament.

  • Hi, @guivo You can also check whether the nozzle temperature is 200℃, too low temperature will lead to clogging;
    Check whether the nozzle fan is running normally, and it will cause a clog if it is not cooled in time;
    After cleaning the nozzle and tube according to the tutorial, try to feed filament manually and check whether it is blocked.

  • @Gracy the filament is not brand new but it seems well kept, I'll try a different one to check.

    Installing the Capricorn tube, I kept the original plastic holder, not sure this makes makes any difference.

  • @guivo 1. please refer to this video on nozzle and tube cleaning:
    2.Please keep the filament clean and dry. If dust adheres to the consumables, dust accumulation will easily lead to nozzle clog during printing.

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