Ender 3 v2 display not working

  • hi, I have problems with my ender 3 v2 screen. I tried plugging my printer to computer and control it through pronterface and it works. I tried flashing new firmware and renaming the file names I also tried two different sd cards and flashing screen firmware nothing worked. Problem started yesterday when I was changing whole hotend and i was playing with thermistor and trying to screw it so it can hold but my printer froze and i unplugged powercord and plugged it back in and my screen was black. when im pressing the button on the screen i can hear it beep

  • hi, @dopuu Ender-3 V2 has two kinds of motherboards, 8-bit motherboard (update by ISP wire) and 32-bit motherboard (update by sd card), you need to confirm the motherboard version, and make sure choose the corresponding one;

    If your machine can run statically, try to not update the firmware (unless the printer is modified), as it's likely to damage motherboard and display screen

    When the screen is black, you can first measure the screen wiring. If there is voltage, it means that the screen is bad,
    if no voltage, then the motherboard is damaged. And you have to replace the motherboard or screen.

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