CP-01 Print filament stops feeding

  • Hi any help would be appreciated.
    Have assembled a new CP-01 and trying to 3D print. The print starts out fine and puts a base on the bed but then gets to around 3% and the filament stops feeding.
    The G-code keeps working fine but no filament.
    I have checked the head and looks mechanically ok i.e. the pinion is secure on the motor and plenty of tension on the filament.
    This happens on both the sample G-code and G-code I generate with slicer.

    Any suggestions?


  • @Yolanda
    Did anybody find a solution to this issue, I have exactly the same problem. It lays down about three layers then the stepping motor ceases to drive.


  • hi,@sturner07 please send the email again to cs@creality.com The after-sales staff will reply to your message as soon as possible within a week。

  • Hi Yolanda
    I sent an email to cr@creality.com as you suggested but had no reply as yet.
    Are you able to get someone to reply?
    I don't seem to be getting any help from the company I bought it from.
    Feeling a bit frustrated.

  • From your description, it is most likely a motherboard issue. Please send an email with videos in details to cs@creality.com
    The after-sales staff will help you solve the problem.

  • Hi Yolanda
    I have tested the extrusion motor on the X axis cable and it works ok no problem.
    I marked the end of the extrusion motor shaft so I could see more clearly if it is turning.
    What happens is the motor starts turning ok for around 5 minutes then becomes intermittent in rotation and then fails to turn altogether.
    It would appear that the motor driver is failing after around 5 minutes of operation.

  • hi,@sturner07 You can plug the wire of the X-axis into the wiring port of the extruder, and plug the wire of the extruder into the wiring port of the X-axis; then click the moving axis on the screen -- move the X-axis -- move a distance (50mm) at will, and observe whether the extrusion motor turns. if the extrusion motor doesn't work, you can send an email with videos or pictures to cs@creality.com There will be the professionals to help you.

  • The extrusion motor does not appear to be turning, cant see the shaft turning.
    So I need to remove the print head and print head cover and connect the X axis cable to the extrusion motor and see if it will drive, is that correct?

  • hi, @sturner07 for the issue, you can try to the following

    1. First observe whether the extrusion motor is still running;

    2. If the extruding motor does not work, exchange the X axis and the motor line of the extruding motor, and then drive respectively to check whether the motor is in good condition;

    3. If the extrusion motor is still running, please heat the nozzle to 200℃, and then manually feed to test whether the nozzle is blocked;

    4. If the nozzle is blocked, you can clean it according to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXb2lk1eZNY

    5. If it is not blocked, check whether the temperature of the nozzle is too low during printing and whether the cooling fan of the nozzle is operating normally

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