How to Silence or turn off 3D printer when idle

  • Is there a way that the 3d printer can be turned off or at least the PSU and other fans are all shut off while its not in use. If the 3d printer is not in use there is no way to turn it off and it makes noise for nothing.

  • @RedeyesXBL Hi, yes also I have the same issues, please can you give me more detail about to put the tape, that is inside the printer box??, thank you

    Ender 5 Pro

  • @thesubmitter I think what you're describing is that the screen stays on and possibly the fan due to the power backfeed from the box. The easiest way is to cut a little 3mm x 15mm piece of electrical tape and cover up the power contact on the cable running to the printer. If you look at the USB connector that goes in to the box with the four contact on the lower side it's the one on the right. Then when you turn the printer off everything should go quiet and dark.

  • Hi, @thesubmitter Some fans are always on, which can't be turned off when the printer be on. If you want to turn it off , you need to turn off the printer directly.
    The thermal alert is probably that the thermistor is broken. You can send an email to and attach pictures or a video about the problem. There will be professionals to help you.

  • @Gracy Yeah, I know I can shut it off but. In the past it would start beeping thermal runway alert (ender3pro). Recently that seems to work better but it would be nice if the CWB could shut on and off the machine.

  • Hi, @thesubmitter What's the type of your printer? Generally speaking, the 3d printer can be turned off, You may not have found the switch.

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