Dripping Print Problem

  • Hello, I am new to the world of 3d and I have had some problems with my printer since the hotend was fixed due to excess filament problems.

    I hope someone can help me or give me a start on why these problems happen

    sin filamento.jpg

    In the first photo I am trying to print a base but it reaches a point where instead of pulling a line of filament only droplets come out.


    errores 2.jpg

    In the second photo, change the SLT and filament to rule out problems, but when printing worse errors are seen.
    what would be leaking in some areas, spaces between lines and another straight line on both sides.

    and all this started since the hotend was filled with filament for putting the nozzle wrong

    Thanks for your help, I will be attentive to the comments

  • @LuisVergara According to your description, the problem may be caused by cloging.
    Please clean the nozzle and tube first, you can refer to the video tutoria on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2-7q3PcGuoDkkoKEr4JT6A
    Check whether the nozzle temperature is 200℃ during printing.( PLA filament)
    Check whether the nozzle fan runs normally and there is no abnormal sound.
    After trying the above solutions and there is still a problem, please send an email to cs@creality.com and attach pictures or video.There will be professionals to help you.

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