Solutions for layer separation

  • Layer separation involves poor successive layer adhesion. It comes out to be visible cracks on the model. This is really an annoying problem for 3D players. However, we still have some problems to avoid it, just as follows.

    1.Decrease layer height
    The optimum height of the layer generally depends on the nozzle diameter. If your nozzle diameter is 0.4mm, then you can set the layer height with 0.2mm in the slicer. The recommended layer height is 0.1-0.2mm.

    2.Decrease printing speed
    If the printing speed is too fast, it will lead to the problem of delamination caused by insufficient extrusion. Creality recommends printing speed of 50-60mm/s.

    3.Increase nozzle temperature
    We have known filaments need a certain temperature to melt and fuse layer. If the nozzle temperature is low, The bond between layers would be reduced.
    In Creality, nozzle temperature of PLA is 195~205℃, ABS is 245~255℃ (based on the Creality filament)

    4. Clean nozzle and tube
    Nozzle or tube clogged would cause under extrusion of filaments, which reduce the bond between layers. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the nozzle and tube regularly to prevent blockage.

    5.Dry filament
    The majority of filaments, like PLA, TPU, are hygroscopic materials. They can absorb moisture in the air. Dame filaments would cause model layer delamination.

    Friends, If you have other suggestions for solving layer separation, you can share them with us.

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