Install Marlin Firmware from SD Card

  • hello everybody,

    i am new here and i have a question.

    i downloaded the actual firmware for ender 5 pro as a zip file.unzip it and i have a .bin file.copy the .bin file on a sd card as it shown in the video.put in the sd card slot, start the printer and nothing happend.
    but after i turn the printer on it should install the new firmware right?

    maybe someone can help me.


  • @lighter77

    If your printer can be used normally, it is not recommended to refresh the firmware. If the firmware is not refreshed properly, the printer cannot be used.
    You can refresh the firmware by referring to the firmware refresh tutorial:

    The document 1 will send you by email, please check:

    If your motherboard is version 1.1.5, please follow the above method to refresh the firmware, if it is 4.2.2, empty the SD card, and only put the firmware in it, plug the SD card into the printer, and automatically refresh the firmware when it is turned on

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