5 plus no z axis compensation no work

  • bl touch probe does work pops in and out bed moves up and down bl touch goes from red to blue, but when done bed lowers almost 1 inch and stops like it done.
    The z axis adjustment will not work to move the bed up or down...
    Need to be able to adjust the bed but that function not working...
    Rechecked all connections again,
    You hit home bed goes up and down bl touch probe turns blue then solid red when done but stops 1 inch below the nozzle and a axis button won't move the bed.

  • @Yolanda Re: 5 plus no z axis compensation no work

    I seen all the vids, that one you posted shows the bed rising to the nozzle when done.
    Mine lowers a inch and you can't manually move the bed that far
    And with z axis compensation not working can't get the bed high enough to level.
    Sent emails in the last two weeks to cs@creality.com with no response not sure another would do any good...

  • hello, @klusterprime According to your description, it's likely that z-axis compensation is not adjusted properly. you can refer to this video and try to adjust again.
    If the problem cannot be solved, please send an email to cs@creality.com and attach the fault video of automatic leveling. It is likely that there is something wrong with BL-touch.

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