How to flash Ender 5 4.2.7 silent mainboard firmware

  • I have the Ender 5 and I upgraded from the 1.1.4 board to the 4.2.7 in order to use my new CRtouch but the new board has the wrong firmware on it. How do I flash the 4.2.7 board? Do I have to follow the old way of installing a bootloader with the Arduino IDE and then use that to flash the firmware? The method I'm referring to is in this video

  • @Jinx I used the sd card that came with it and follow instructions in the video to perform operations, and it worked pretty well.

  • @Jinx 4.2.7main board-Flash firmware
    1.Format the SD/TF card
    2.Copy the firmware to the card(only one firmware for once)
    3.Insert the card into printer and turn on
    4.Just wait.....(about 15 seconds)

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