CR-10S Pro v2 mess

  • So I've had a CR-10S Pro v2 since may and picked my forum name to reflect my experience.

    When the printer arrived it at first somewhat worked.

    With somewhat I mean the Gantry sagged on the extruder side due to the weight every time I turned the printer off. And it also sagged/lagged behind on tall prints. The latter results in tall prints being crooked and resulted in the nozzle destroying my bed on a second print. I didn;t re-level because I hadnt turned it off and hadn't noticed the issue yet.'

    I installed anti-backlash nuts. That solved the printing problem, but turning the printer off still undos the gantry levelling and trying to level the thing is hit and miss, since half the time it still drops back after manually twisting it, even when the printer is on!

    Levelling was a royal pain in the ass because the BLTouch pin randomly wouldn't drop, so homing sometimes failed and the printer starts printing mid air . Auto berdlevelling was a game of chance. How many tries would it take to get through the entire grid without the BLTouch failing at least once?

    I tried adjusting the BLTouch with a small allen wrench, no succes. Still would randomly not drop. Replaced the pin with a new pin I got, still wouldn;t work.

    I replaced the entire BLTouch with a new one from an upgrade kit, same bloody issue!

    Then after I moved the printer one of the z-axis steppers stopped working and was twisting in random directions. The shop I bought it from sent me a replacement board. After messing with your hot glue addiction (really why?) it still didn;t work. Turned out the cable to the z-stepper had an internal break and if you moved it it would start working for a bit. Replaced the cable and now at least that works.

    But I'm sick and tired of annoying levelling the gantry every damn time. Sick and tired of random prints starting mid-air and autolevelling casino play. And I sure as hell am not going to buy another BLTouch to see if maybe I got 2 faulty ones.

    And since the shop wont take it back I'll probably strip it for p[arts and send the rest flying down the garbage shute where it belongs.

    Don;t you guys do Quality Assurance/Control?

    Anyway, that was my first and last Creality product ever, what a bunch of crap.

    P.S. The pictures in the 'manual' you inlcuded in the box ... were for an ancient software version that looked nothing like what was on the machine.

    I seriously do not understand why you have such a good name (the reason I bought a creality printer in the first place)

  • Yea i got this printer and have had nothing but troubles, failed from the first time i turned it on. would never auto level, literally it would force the head down into the plate for no reason.
    And like you i thought creality was the company to buy from but what a mistake, it looks like everyone that gets there printers has issues to some degree and these forums are basically useless as they never respond to anything.
    Shop that sells it isnt doing anything, so basically i spent $1200 nzd for a 3d printer that never worked from the box and get no support from people here selling it or creality on these forums.

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