Replacement Motherboards for CR6-SE

  • I have yet to receive my CR6-SE but that is not my concern at the moment. I have also ordered a spare motherboard as one of my add-on items. My questions are:

    1. Will I be shipped a replacement motherboard for both my printer and my additional add on spare motherboard to address the ongoing motherboard problems?
    2. Will I be shipped a replacement power switch assembly to address the faulty power switch issues.
    3. Can the updated firmware for the CR6-SE ( CR-6SE - V1.0.2.bin) please be uploaded to the Creality website for downloading as I along with many other users do not do social media and providing updated firmware via social media is not a professional means of providing this file?

  • Dear @Decibel

    For your add on parts, we will be shipped to you separately.
    The power switch and motherboard, we will send a replacement after checking it is true bad one. There should be provided pictures and video to
    We will update the firmware to the website, thanks for your suggestion.

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