Clicking sound from filament feed

  • I have a CR-6 SE and when I print, there is a clicking sound from the filament feeder (whatever that's called). It doesn't properly feed the filament in. I originally thought "nozzle problem" and replaced the nozzle and cleaned out all of the residues that was in the hot end. Is there a way to adjust the tension on the filament feed? I have a feeling that that may be part of the problem. Has anyone else had this problem, and, if so, how did they fix it? This just started within the last week or so. Other than that, it is dead quiet.

  • hi, @MarkAM

    1. Check whether the extrusion motor can work normally;

    2. Check out clip is loose or broken, please refer to this video and check if there are any parts damaged or broken:

    3. If the issue still exists, please send an email to and attach the pictures and videos in details. There will be the professional to help you.

  • The back right adjustment screw adjusts the tension on the spring in the extruder. You tighten (clockwise) the screw to increase the pressure.

    99% of the time this issue is caused by a gap in the hotend between the nozzle and the bowden. Either the bowden tubing slipped in the fitting, or the two M3 screws that hold the block to the heatsink have come loose.

    First, remove the silicone sock from the block, heat to 220° and tighten the two long M3 screws. Then while the block is still hot, carefully hold the block with pliars (or an adjustable crescent style wrench) and loosen the nozzle about 1/2 turn. Remove the blue clip from the bowden fitting and press the fitting down to let the tubing loose and remove the tubing from the hotend. Be careful, the tubing is still very hot. Inspect the tubing if it is discolored or the end cut is not square and even, recut the end removing a little of the tubing. Then reinsert and while pushing down on the tubing, pull back up on the black fitting and reinsert the blue clip. Then while securing the block with pliars again, tighten the nozzle. This places the PTFE under slight compression to prevent the gap problem. When you get the gap, it will cause extrusion issues that will cause print quality problems and the extruder to skip. There is an modification you can do to the hotend to help mitigate this problem called Luke's hot end fix:

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