CR-10 Smart Exceptional Error 203 (Probing Failed)?

  • I bought a CR10-smart for the first time after my installation, I auto-leveling and started a print, but while the print was broken, I thought it was because of the auto-leveling because the gate was not balancing for X, but the next time I auto-leveling, it gave me a 203 error. So I failed to auto-leveling it, then I changed the firmware to 1.07, but it didn't work. Will I update to the new version(CR-10 SmartMarlin2.0.6SWV1.0.8HWCRC2405V1.2Beta0820)؟WhatsApp Image 2021-08-23 at 12.39.34.jpeg

  • hi,@m_saeed73 you can update the new version for CR-10Smart. and please refer to this video:
    When updating the firmware, you can change the firmware name, for example, to 1234.bin

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