Creality Ender-3 V2 Z-Axis rotating throughout the first layer.

  • It all started when Z-Axis didnt want to home-level itself, it would freeze and it required turning off and on printer few times to get it to work. After that came Z-Axis problem.

    The Z-Axis rod is rotating throughout the first layer creating mess. The start is okay, but after 2 minutes you can see screw very slowly rotating. Tried reseting Cura settings. Checking if the frame was bent or something.

    Never had this problem before and i run out of ideas.

  • hi, @MachaSacha From your descrption, the following advice may help you

    1. Drive z-axis separately to check whether it can rise and fall normally

    2. print the attached model in sd card to check whether the machine will be restarted;

    3. We recommend using the official slicing software--creality slicer

    4. If the problem can't not be solved, you can fill in the blank about the issue or you can send an email to and attach the pictures and videos in details.

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