CR6 SE auto level not working

  • Stopped working after less than 2 months, have opened support tickets with no reply from Creality support. Only moves up and down, not across the plate when auto level is running, any suggestions?

  • @marg629

    There is some issues that could happen with the autolevel.

    The most common is interference from the bowden tube that falsely trigger the strain gauge. The strain gauge sensor only resets at startup with original firmware. If I power on my CR6 with the printhead in other position than left (almost home position) I get that issue.

    The strain gauge and pcb board could be defective. I suspect ESD damage to be a possibility. I have connected my printhead chassi to negative true a 100k resistor and rest of the chassi to negative true another 100k resistor to prevent any possibility to build up a static charge while running left to right on plastic wheels with a rubber belt. Even an 1Mohm resistor should work to prevent static charge.

  • Hi, @marg629 Could you send a video about this problem? You can also send an email to and attach pictures or video.There will be professionals to help you.

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