Heating issues / errors

  • ok so i have an ender 3 pro v2. been running it fairly successfully over the last 2 months.

    lately im running into a few errors.

    printing at 200,205 210 seems to work fine.

    i was adjusting it for a different roll of filament that just isn't working (tried drying already), i keep going back and re trying as I'm learning, but other brand of filament works perfect.

    when i crank up to 215 with the iffy filament, i get a few different things happening, not at same time.
    1 got a temperature too low
    2 thermal runaway

    then get them randomly. tried re setting and get different errors when set to 215 manually.

    run it at 200 or 205... no issues with error codes.

    any ideas or thoughts ?

    Thanks !

  • @Yolanda thank you

  • hi,@aegisvdk It is possible that 215 is too high, which will cause filaments to be overheated and the nozzle clogged.

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