CR10 can not continue printing successfully if paused to reloaded filament

  • I have CR10S and CR10S Pro, both of this printer can not continue to print successfully when run out of filament in the middle of a print job. The filament sensor can pause the print for me to load a new roll of filament but when I continue printing, there is about 5mm offset in the print.

  • Same problem. And, no, the bed is not moving 10mm. I am not touching the bed. I have confirmed this.

  • I know this doesn't help, but I've just discovered the same problem. I've had the CR-10S5 for about three years but only printed small stuff and never had to pause print or use the filament sensor feature until now, since I'm trying much bigger prints. Just like Jaydielee describes above, when I try to resume printing after a filament re-load, I have an offset of about 5-10mm. At first it seemed to be exclusively in the Y-axis. Then I recently loaded updated firmware (in the hopes it would solve it) and now it seems to be exclusively in the X-axis . I also notice the stepper motors shut off after the print is paused and caused my Z-axis to sag over time. Does anyone have any causes or solutions for the X/Y shifts? Or anyone know how to keep the steppers energized until printing is resumed?

  • I have the exact same problem. Like Yolanda stated, I was not around once to change when it ran out. Loaded new filament and it then knocked the part from the build plate. So next time I manually stopped (selected "change filament") to change it, resumed and the x axis was off 3-5 mm. I have yet to find a solution.

  • hi, @jaydielee If the interval of changing filaments is too long, the Z-axis will move down a little distance. The changing of filaments needs to be completed within 10 minutes.

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